The responsibilities of a property manager is to control and management property on behalf of the possessor, whether the property may be commercial, residential or industrial. There are four main areas that a typical property manager would be responsible for, conduction administration duties, financial risk management, facility control and maintenance and tenant occupancy.  The tasks for marketing would be for the property manager to take into consideration the expenses, budgeting, current market and the region is located so that he can set proper rental rates.  They are plan and implement marketing strategies in order to maximize on occupancy and achieving higher rental rates.

An adept property manager should be aware of the needs of their tenants, ensuring that he or she is satisfied, to stay on schedule with rent collection, and to management the expectations of the lease agreements.   They should also have great analytical abilities in order to successfully screen and test potential clients, which include judging the client financial circumstances, and criminal history.

The administrative and risk management duties of the property manager includes keeping an organize information storage system for account and taxes reasons; it also requires monitoring and recording any suspicious activities by tenants for the safety of the rest of the inhabitants. It is important that a property manager have great interpersonal skills, where they not only have to deal with tenants on a daily basis, but also contractors as much of their maintenance duties are hired from an outside party.